Last updated 2:06 PM on 4 December 2017

Our Ngara Barayi (Listen to Earth) garden is a unique outdoor learning area filled with wonderful features.  It is a colourful area with lots of sections including the learning, yarning circle, the rainbow walk which is also a sensory path, the rainforest, the desert succulents, the beach and the bush tucker.

The garden holds a very special place, with a glittery purple seat, to sit and remember Sana, with frangipanis and lots of love.  When you walk by there, quietly stop and spend some time thinking of her and remembering her wadhayi badhang (her happy spirit).

The colours in the garden were chosen for a specific reason:

PURPLE - is spiritual and encourages deep thinking

BLUE -  soothes us and gives us serenity to keep us calm

GREEN - gives us balance, harmony and peace

PINK - gives us tranquillity, warmth and love

YELLOW - gives us emotional strength and is a strong colour that lifts our spirits and self-esteem

All who visit or wander through this wonderful garden are asked to please look around you, take it all in and listen to the sounds.

Yarning circleRainbow WalkBush TuckerSana's seat.